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You just found a small girl with a big backpack who carries goodies to care for human-beings.


I am a cheery Product Designer based in Vancouver who is keen on inclusive design. I believe that design is not just about making things pretty or inventing the next most innovative thing. There is a percentage of people who have been neglected and cannot use existing designed products because they were not considered. And so, I am aiming to help bridge this gap.

Currently, I work as a Product Designer at PDFTron. During my spare time, I volunteer for Anirevo, a local anime convention as a photographer and videographer, and Game of Apps as a Design mentor, as well as making illustrations. I completed my education from the Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) program at Simon Fraser University with a BA, with Distinction in the Design Concentration and a 2D Design certificate program at Emily Carr University.

about me illustration


It is because of my interest in tinkering with digital media, observing human behaviours and tapping into moments of life. Doing so, I can then blend the disciplines together to craft cohesive experiences for people to cherish when using a product.

my process diagram


When I start a project, I first take a deep dive into the topic to strategize on a product, followed by an iterative cycle of sketching, trying different concepts and conducting user study. Once it is ready, the design is can be implemented and deliver.

my design process diagram
my design process diagram

Feel free to browse through my resume too!

I don’t bite, and would love to chat with you and be friends. You can find me through one of the social mediums below.