revealing the harms of radiation found in daily technology use

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Interactive Wearable


Project Manager, User Experience Designer, Fashion Designer Electrician, 
 Cinematographer, Video Editor


Arduino, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

Rayz is a garment that can be interacted with when someone wears it. The concept was to physically demonstrate how we are surrounding with radiation when using our everyday technologies and can potentially harm our internal body.

rayz garment prototype animation
rayz garment prototype mobile image


Create an interactive wearable that reveals the potential health concerns of electromagnetic field radiation emitted by technologies in our surrounding environment.


Together with my team, I started the project by researching different types of interactive textile and the domain of radiation to drive the form of a dress. I then sketched out examples to execute the most meaningful experience for users. The form reflects on a lead apron to wear for an x-ray, where the centre represents body tissues that are gradually peeling off due to radiation exposure.

interaction sketches dress sketches


This garment seeks to increase awareness of the electromagnetic field radiation absorbed by the human body. It demonstrates that the technology we use are not simple objects, but devices that emit harmful radiant energy. For instance, upon using a cell phone, our ears get hot and that we are not aware of the effects of living tissues burning.



By physically showing the health risks upon interacting with the electromagnetic radiation, it helps generate a dialogue between users and evoke an emotional appeal when wearing the garment. This can allow people to become aware of the issue in a calming manner.

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