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Human-Computer Interaction Design


Project Manager, User Researcher, User Interface Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

The SFU Course Enrollment System project is a conceptual redesign of an existing system, which seeks to improve the course enrollment process for university students at SFU. Here, only the enrollment system was focused, which is a subset to a larger system called the Student Information System.

sfu course enrollment system prototype A sfu course enrollment system prototype B
sfu course enrollment system prototype A mobile image sfu course enrollment system prototype B mobile image


Course enrollment is often the most stressful time for students and so changes had to be made to enhance efficiency.


To learn about methods of Human-Computer Interaction design principles, the SFU SIS Enrollment System was chosen as a case study. As a student, the system is frustrating to use, especially when there is an additional factor of stress to try to get into all the courses necessary for an academic term so one can graduate. This is due to low visual queries and cues. First, heuristic evaluation was done individually to understand the issues. Next, I facilitated user study sessions of the old system, where the team recruited various levels of users from pending SFU students to graduates.

persona sketches


Afterwards, I led brainstorming sessions within the team to ideate potential ideas from layouts to specific user interface components that helps solve user pain points discovered in the user testing session of the old system. This included offering calendar components so students can easily view their weekly course schedules all at once as a means of preview to plan their term, as well as prevent conflicting schedules when planning.

feature prioritization brainstorming session
paper prototype A paper prototype B


Eventually, I helped produce user interface elements of two new prototypes and I facilitated another user testing session again to identify comparison results of the old system.

original interface to A/B
time took to complete task results graph vvalue of calendar results graph
ease of use results graph eaiser course strategization results graph


By conducting A/B testing, it helped capture students’ needs and goals during the enrollment process. Students’ voices were heard in this project and was selected as a finalist at the 2013 SIAT Showcase Competition under the Programming and Systems Design category, as well as invited by the SFU SIS team to present findings and new designs for them to upgrade the system.

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